Polymer Derived Ceramic Coatings

Polymer derived ceramic (PDC) coatings are often used in demanding applications where traditional organic coatings are becoming increasingly less effective. These materials must withstand extreme environments where toughness and heat tolerance are critical.

Harder.  Stronger.  More wear resistant.

SI-TUFF™ is a long, rigid rod of beta silicon carbide (β-SiC). When used in the precursor polymer, it is unaffected by the pyrolysis process and provides mechanical reinforcement to the resulting ceramic. As it is fully inert, it does not disrupt the transformation reaction. The result is a tougher, more durable ceramic coating.

Higher thermal conductivity and temperature stability.

In addition to mechanical reinforcement, SI-TUFF™ imparts higher thermal conductivity and higher thermal shock resistance to the ceramic. It enables high performance PDC coatings to last even longer, in harsher environments, at higher temperatures.

Easy to use.

SI-TUFF™ is easy to incorporate into your PDC system. It usually requires no modification to your existing process. Only a small amount is needed, so the change in viscosity is almost nothing.

Get started with SI-TUFF™ today.