Other Industrial Protective Coatings

Tougher.  More wear resistant.  Greater thermal stability.  Longer Lasting.

SI-TUFF™ Performance Silicon Carbide is used to reinforce industrial protective coatings to provide increased abrasion and impact resistance, temperature stability, thermal conductivity, and thermal shock resistance. It enables coatings to last longer, even in the harshest environments.

  • Improves abrasion resistance, impact resistance, and hardness
  • Enhances thermal conductivity and thermal shock resistance
  • Compatible with all coating chemistries and application methods
  • Low loading levels required

Easy to use.

Incorporating SI-TUFF™ into your coating system is easy.  No modifications to your existing process are required. Compatible with water-based, solvent-based, and powder coatings. Compatible with all coating chemistries and application methods.

Get started with SI-TUFF™ today.