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SI-TUFF™ SF-7 SiC Fiber

Cost-effective silicon carbide fiber has arrived. SI-TUFF™ SF-7 silicon carbide fiber fills a key market need for a cost-effective, high temperature ceramic fiber. It is designed for use in ceramic and metal matrix composites, to enhance structural and thermal properties.

It is cost-effective. Reasonably priced silicon carbide fiber does not exist in the market today. The material cost of SI-TUFF™ SF-7 is an order of magnitude lower than other commercial SiC fiber offerings. Because it is discontinuous fiber, it may be processed by traditional ceramic processing techniques on existing equipment, in high volumes, and at relatively low cost.

It is what you expect from silicon carbide. SI-TUFF™ SF-7 is pure SiC, and has all the properties you would expect from an SiC fiber: high strength, chemical resistance, oxidation resistance, and temperature stability. It can be used in high temperature environments where other materials fail.

And it is available today. SI-TUFF™ SF-7 is currently available in very large quantities. Over ten tones per year is no problem.