Ceramic and Metal Matrix Composites

SI-TUFF™ SF-7 SiC Fiber fills a key market need for a cost-effective, high temperature ceramic fiber. It is designed for high temperature ceramic and metal matrix composites, and improves structural and thermal properties: strength, toughness, abrasion resistance, hardness, thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, and overall durability. It may be used in any manufacturing process where a discontinuous fiber may be used.

A major benefit of SI-TUFF™ SF-7 is cost. The material cost of SF-7 SiC Fiber is an order of magnitude lower than other commercial SiC fiber offerings.

  • SI-TUFF™ SF-7 SiC Fiber should be considered for high temperature, high strength applications where ultimate structural performance is not critical.
  • It is not designed to replace continuous SiC fibers for these applications, however it may be used in combination with continuous SiC fibers to optimize cost and performance.

SI-TUFF™ SF-7 Fiber delivers the performance you expect from a silicon carbide fiber, and it does this at a previously unheard of cost.