Reinforced Coatings: How Does It Work?


SI-TUFF™ works by forming a connected, reinforcing network just below the surface of the coating. Because of the extreme strength and high aspect ratio of the individual nano-rods, loads are transferred effectively throughout the network. Scratch, abrasion, and impact forces are distributed into multiple, smaller force components. This minimizes local forces and reduces damage.

The same principal also increases thermal conductivity and thermal stability. Because of the highly connected nature of the SI-TUFF™ network, heat is conducted with far less resistance through the reinforced coating. Additionally, SI-TUFF™ has a high emissivity, meaning heat is released faster by radiation.

Because the SI-TUFF™ network sits just below the coating surface, it does not affect inherent surface properties such as non-stick or low friction. Thus, the end result is that the coating retains all of its desirable properties which have already been engineered, but is able to withstand increased wear at higher temperatures for longer periods of time.

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