HTI is a materials company. We specialize in high aspect ratio silicon carbide materials, which are extremely tough, heat resistant, inert materials. They are used to reinforce and toughen ceramics and polymers.

We modify and engineer our silicon carbide materials for a range of applications. We supply them in various forms depending on the application required.  

Our product lines consist of:

  • Silar® Silicon Carbide Whiskers - used in high performance ceramic cutting tools, reinforced technical ceramics, polymer derived ceramics, and ceramics resulting from 3D printing.  Composites reinforced with Silar® exhibit optimum fracture toughness, wear resistance, dimensional stability, thermal dissipation, and thermal shock resistance. 
  • CERAMTUFF™ Ceramic Blends - engineered blends of high-purity aluminum oxide and Silar® silicon carbide whiskers.  Characterized by extreme hardness, outstanding compressive strength, and rigidity.  Offers exceptional fracture resistance, wear resistance, thermal shock resistance, and dimensional stability.
  • SI-TUFF™ Performance Silicon Carbide - strengthens and toughens polymer systems, including high performance coatings and 3D printed products. Low loading levels of SI-TUFF™ improves modulus, strength, scratch, and wear resistance.  It also increases hardness, enhances thermal conductivity and temperature stability. Increase in service life is typically 20-35%, with 50% and above observed in some applications.
  • SI-TUFF™ P-SF SiC Fiber - cost-effective, high purity discrete silicon carbide fibers for CMCs and MMCs, as well as polymer derived ceramics, and ceramics resulting from 3D printing. The material cost of SI-TUFF™ is an order of magnitude lower than other commercial SiC fiber offerings, opening up the doors for a range of new products and applications.

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