Our Graphene materials have a wide range of applications, including enhancing the  properties of composites and inks and coatings.


Silicon Carbide 

Our Silicon Carbide materials also have a wide range of applicability, from high performance cutting tools, to protective coatings, to ceramic and metal matrix composites. Our products are tough, heat resistant, and durable, and withstand the most demanding applications and environments. Our materials are used in:

  • Ceramic Cutting Tools - ceramic cutting tools reinforced with Silar® silicon carbide whiskers, the material that started it all.  Silar® delivers the ultimate in cutting tool productivity.
  • Technical Ceramics - ceramic parts reinforced with Silar® excel in dynamic operating environments requiring very high temperature stability, fracture resistance, and wear resistance.
  • Protective Coatings - our SI-TUFF™ line of high aspect ratio silicon carbide materials toughens protective coatings, increasing abrasion and scratch resistance, enhancing thermal conductivity and stability, and extending service life. Applications include non-stick cookware & bakeware coatings, industrial fluoropolymer coatings, epoxy piping coatings, and ceramic coatings.
  • Ceramic and Metal Matrix Composites - SI-TUFF™ SF-7 SiC Fiber is used as a reinforcement for a variety of ceramic and metal matrix composites, to enhance structural and thermal properties. It is pure SiC, and is available at a material cost an order of magnitude lower than other commercial SiC fiber offerings.
  • Fiber Reinforced Plastics - random fiber composites can be reinforced with SI-TUFF™ for exceptional isotropic properties. Mechanical and thermal properties are enhanced.
  • Plant Cell Transformations - plant cells are transformed when brought into contact with our Biograde Silar® material.  This material can be treated with DNA and used as messenger needles to transform plant cells.


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