SI-TUFF™ Technology

SI-TUFF™ Performance Ceramic Additive

SI-TUFF™ performance ceramic additive was developed from silicon carbide whisker technology used in high performance ceramic parts and cutting tools.  With properties similar to diamond, it is designed to reinforce and protect polymeric coatings from repeated wear and high temperatures.

It improves scratch and abrasion resistance, toughness, thermal conductivity, and thermal stability.  Because it is used at low loading levels, it preserves other desirable coating properties, such as non-stick.  SI-TUFF™ is extremely robust and can be used in practically any environment, and it is food contact safe.

Chemistry Overview

SI-TUFF™ is long, rigid rods of beta-silicon carbide (β-SiC) single crystals. The cubic crystal structure of the beta polytype is the same as diamond. This gives it some unique properties including extremely high hardness and modulus, and excellent force distribution. At its supplied length, SI-TUFF™ is unbreakable.

β-SiC is inert and temperature stable up to 600°C when it begins to slowly oxidize. This oxide layer limits the rate of the reaction and significant oxidation does not occur until around 1000°C.


Crystal Structure:  

Aspect Ratio:  
β-Silicon Carbide Single Crystals
Diamond Cubic
Long, Rigid Nano-rod
0.65um diameter
10-12um length
3.21 g/cm3




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