ACM to Present at COATING 2012

August 07, 2012

David Mammarella, Business Development Manager for ACM, will be giving a presentation on functionalized silicon carbide whiskers at the Coating 2012 show in St. Louis, MO on October 11.

Silicon carbide whiskers are used in high performance coatings to enhance abrasion, wear, and impact resistance while maintaining other desirable properties.  They also improve thermal stability, including thermal shock resistance.  SiC whiskers are long, rigid rods of β-SiC having the diamond cubic crystal structure.  They are extremely tough - with an estimated modulus of 450 GPa, SiC whiskers are unbreakable at their supplied lengths.

The extremely high L/D of these materials effectively distributes abrasion and impact forces into multiple, smaller force components.  The result is drastically reduced surface damage compared to what would occur if SiC whiskers were not present.

Advanced Composite Materials, LLC has developed a method for grafting amine and epoxy groups onto the whisker surface, rendering the material chemically functional.  The combination of extremely high modulus, chemical functionality, and whisker morphology provides unique toughening properties that cannot be achieved by other means.

COATING 2012 is an industrial coating event dedicated entirely to paint and powder coatings.  For more information about COATING 2012, click here.

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