ACM to Present New Microwave Cooking Composite at 46th IMPI Symposium

May 02, 2012

Dr. Tom Quantrille, President of ACM, will be presenting a paper at the 46th IMPI symposium in Las Vegas, NV on June 22.  Tom will be presenting a new polymeric composite for microwave cooking and enhanced reheating. This polymeric composite functions as a microwave absorber, is high-temperature stable, and enables microwave ovens to cook, bake and reheat in ways that were previously unattainable.

By attenuating and absorbing microwaves, it converts microwave energy into heat and conducts this heat efficiently into the food. Most importantly, this polymeric composite can be produced as a molded part or as a flexible film substrate. While there are commercially available ceramic materials that are known absorbers, no one has been able to develop flexible film substrates until now. It is food-contact safe and non-stick. It is also safe for personal use: due to the exceptionally high emissivity of the substrate, it will cool from cooking temperature to room temperature in seconds.

This composite material makes microwave heating more versatile and food-friendly, and will open up a whole new realm of microwave cooking, baking, and reheating.

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