Wear Resistant Technical Ceramics

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HTI offers CERAMTUFF™ press-ready engineered blends of alumina and Silar® silicon carbide whiskers for use in difficult situations where metals and other materials fail.  Harsh chemical environments, highly abrasive situations, and high temperature situations are no match for these materials.

CERAMTUFF™ excels in dynamic operating environments requiring very high temperature stability.  In these environments, its fracture and impact resistance far exceeds other ceramic materials commonly used today.

ACM offers a variety of materials products for wear resistant ceramics:

Typical CERAMTUFF™ properties

For most wear applications, HTI recommends CERAMTUFF™ A4AS dry-press ready powder.  For applications requiring utmost fracture resistance, such as in ceramic cutting tools, CERAMTUFF HA9S may be considered.

Typical Materials Used:

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