Haydale Technologies Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Haydale Graphene Industries, plc, based in Wales, UK.  HTI is the North American arm of Haydale worldwide.  The US company had its beginnings in 1976.  The company was created as a joint venture of Exxon Enterprises and Hulco, Inc. of Salt Lake City, Utah.  The company at that time was named Silag, Inc.  During this period, new methods of synthesizing silicon carbide were developed at a number of Universities.  The company licensed these technologies and launched the business.

In 1979 the company moved to Greer, South Carolina, and in 1981 the company became a wholly owned subsidiary of Exxon Enterprises’ Materials Division.  Exxon advanced the technology and synthesis techniques.  Then in 1982, Atlantic Richfield Company purchased the company. In 1984 the company became part of ARCO Chemical Company.

ARCO divested many of its non-oil assets in 1986-1987.  In December 1986, the company became incorporated as Advanced Composite Materials Corporation (ACMC).  In July 1987 Tateho Chemical Industries Company, Ltd. of Japan (TCI) purchased ACMC as a wholly owned subsidiary.

TCI owned and operated the company for 19 years. In 2006, TCI decided to divest.  Through a management buyout in conjunction with the investment community, the company became a standalone, privately-held entity in 2006, and its name was changed to Advanced Composite Materials, LLC (ACM, LLC).

In 2016, Haydale acquired all of the shares of ACM and formed Haydale Ceramic Technologies LLC. 


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